Ivysaur is a dual-class Pokémon of the Grass and Poison types. This is the evolved form of the Seed Pokémon Bulbasaur.

Pokédex Data

When Bulbasaur evolves, its body becomes almost twice as large as before and the seed on its back opens to reveal a large pink flower bud. The leaves become fine and sharp, capable of cutting skin. The weight of the bud prevents Ivysaur from being able to stand on its hind legs, forcing it to stay on all fours.

Ivysaur spend as much time as they can in open sunlight, soaking up the sun's rays to feed the buds on their backs and hasten their growth. When the buds bloom, they give off a pleasant aroma.

Special Abilities

Below is a list of some of the abilities commonly used by Ivysaur.

  • Vine Whip - Ivysaur releases two long vines and whips enemies with them.
  • Razor Leaf - Ivysaur flings its sharp leafy fronds towards enemies.
  • PoisonPowder - Ivysaur releases a cloud of toxic spores from its bud to poison foes.
  • Bullet Seed - Hard seeds fire out of Ivysaur's bulb like bullets from a machine-gun.


After absorbing enough solar energy, Ivysaur's bud blossoms and it evolves into Venusaur.

For the purposes of gameplay, Ivysaur evolves after reaching Level 32.