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Ithaqua (the Wind-Walker or the Wendigo) is a fictional character in the Cthulhu Mythos, August Derleth's name for the mythology begun in the stories of H. P. Lovecraft. It first appeared in Derleth's short story "Ithaqua", which was inspired by Algernon Blackwood's tale "The Wendigo". Ithaqua is one of the Great Old Ones and appears as a horrifying giant with a roughly human shape and glowing red eyes, walking through the sky as if on solid ground. His manifestations include inexplicable snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. He has been reported from as far north as the Arctic to the Sub-Arctic, where Native Americans first encountered him. He is believed to prowl the Arctic waste, hunting down unwary travelers and carrying them off, only to leave their frozen corpses miles from the place they were captured. What he does with his captives in the interim, beyond freezing them to death, is unknown. 

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