Invisible KH

The Invisible is a type of pureblood Heartless that has appeared in multiple Kingdom Hearts titles. It has a particularly devilish appearance much like the classical images of demons, with a muscular body and horns adorning its head. Unlike many Heartless, which tend to attack with natural weapons like claws or magic-based powers, the Invisible bears a scalloped, blue-bladed sword, which appears blunt, but can unleash powerful physical blows. The kanji for "Hard Core" (硬核 Koukaku) are written on the hilt of its blade.

The Invisible, true to its name, can vanish and become invisible. When it does this, its sword will move through the air of its own volition, slashing at nearby enemies. A ring of purple flames will surround the player and after a few seconds will close in and explode, inflicting severe damage.

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