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In Resident Evil CODE: Veronica, Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside encounter large mutated moths after arriving at the Umbrella Antarctic Base. These insects were infected with the T-virus brought over by survivors of the Rockfort Island attack and the infection caused the moths to grow in size.

While not as large or strong as the giant moth Claire encountered in Umbrella's Raccoon City laboratory, these creatures are numerous and can multiply rapidly. As well as scattering poisonous dust with every wingbeat, these moths will attempt to lay parasitic eggs upon victims. The moth larvae mature quickly and will attempt to feed on the blood of their carriers as soon as they hatch. They cannot fly immediately as their wings take more time to develop.

Infected moths are very weak and normally only take a single handgun shot to kill, though they sometimes scuttle around on the floor after being shot and need to be stepped on to be finished off.