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Left For Dead Infected

The Infected

Infected are human beings who have been turned into mindless, violent creatures due to being contaminated by a virus or bacteria. They are driven by the most primal of impulses, whether it be to feed or simply because they are enraged. They are a fairly recent variation of zombie, but are still alive in every sense of the word. They have lost all memory and sense of identity and reason, caring for nothing except killing whatever is in front of them.

Types of Infected

Left 4 Dead

The Infected of the Left 4 Dead video game series are victims of a mysterious and lethal virus that seems to be very similar to rabies. Its carriers are not undead, merely rabid, and will attack any uninfected people on sight using nothing but their nails and teeth. Common infected can be killed just as easily as normal people, but the sheer amount of adrenaline driving them allows them to easily ignore pain or injury, so strikes to the head or extremities are the best means of dealing with them.

The Uncommon Infected

In L4D 2, there are 5 different Zombies that are different to other infected. They are:

  • Police Officers
  • Quarintine(Totally Ironic)
  • Clowns(If you press LT in the Clowns face, you will honk their nose!)
  • Mudmen
  • Workers(Pipe bombs don't work on them)

28 Days Later

In the film 28 Days Later and its sequel 28 Weeks Later, the entire population of Great Britain has succumbed to a manmade disease known as the Rage virus. This infection was developed by military scientists who were trying to create an inhibitor to pacify violent criminals, but their work yielded opposite results. They had experimented on chimps, and one night, an animal rights group broke into the laboratory where the chimps were being kept. The activists released the chimps, unaware that they were infected, and the rabid chimps attacked everyone in the room and passed on the virus. The Rage virus is carried in its victims blood and saliva; those infected become completely aggressive to those around them, losing all powers of communication and reason and are driven by a senseless, irrational hatred of everything. Their irises turn red and they will attack any uninfected persons on sight. They have so much adrenaline running through their systems, they seem to ignore pain and injury and can run at an athletic level continuously without getting tired. While they lose most of their cognitive skills and cannot use complex devices, Infected can wield certain objects to club their victims to death. Otherwise, they just use their hands and teeth. Rage carriers also seem to produce an excess of blood in their bodies, which they will occasionally vomit up. This is their main method of infecting others; any blood that enters any bodily orifice will pass on the virus. The infection is rapid and subjects will become enraged in 28 seconds.


Infected are not zombies, as is commonly misconceived. They are still alive in every sense of the word and can be killed in any way a normal human could be. While they tend to ignore pain, they have no sense of self-preservation and will not acknowledge any hazard or obstacle standing between them and their prey. Even so, fighting the Infected is foolhardy as they always seem to attack in large numbers. Because all their instincts are overshadowed by pure rage, the Infected do not notice or care if they are hungry and will eventually starve to death.

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