Dk imp

In the Dungeon Keeper games, imps are the most important creatures for a Keeper to have in their dungeon. Diminutive and hard-working, imps serve as the dungeon's labour force. They are not suited for combat and will run from battle, leaving it up to the more capable creatures that enter the dungeon via portals. The imps are useless as fighters but are excellent workers, carrying out vital tasks such as digging new tunnels, mining gold, claiming new territory and installing defensive traps.

Imps are the perfect worker drones. They do not need to rest or eat and they do not demand payment, all they need is work. And in a dungeon, there is always work to do. Imps are not brought to the dungeon via portals, rather they are created by the Keeper with the Create Imp spell. The catch is that the spell becomes more expensive depending on how many imps are already in the dungeon.


  • Speed - Like any of the creatures in the game, imps can be toughened up in the Training Room. When they have risen to a high level, imps become capable of dashing at high speed all over your territory.
  • Digging - Imps are the only creatures that can dig and digging will be the most common task they perform. When the dungeon needs to be expanded, they will tirelessly hack away at the rock and earth to carve out new tunnels. Once new tunnels have been made, the imps will then claim the land and make it their Keeper's territory, then fortify the walls to prevent heroic dwarves from breaching them.
  • Mining - Where there's gold, there's imps chipping away at it, separating it from the rock and hauling it away to the dungeon treasury. If the treasury is already full, imps will continue mining anyway and just let the gold pile up around their workspace unless they are ordered to stop.
  • Capture - If the dungeon has a prison, imps can drag away the unconscious bodies of heroes and enemy creatures and lock them away. Likewise, if there is a graveyard in your dungeon, your imps will take your enemies' corpses there for burial.