An imp is a type of lesser demon originating from Germanic folklore. They have often been described as being similar to fairies, possessing similar magical power and matching them in size.

Appearance Edit

The appearance of imps can vary between mediums, but the most common physical conception is that of a tiny, unattractive humanoid with horns on its head and bat-like wings on its back.

Behaviour Edit

While fairies are typically benevolent, imps are more wild and uncontrollable. They are not necessarily evil, but they are notorious tricksters and attention seekers. They enjoy playing pranks on humans, sometimes taking their jokes too far and leading to potentially harmful situations. The behaviour of imps can be likened to that of disobedient children with no firm sense of right or wrong.

Abilities Edit

Like fairies, imps possess a wide variety of magical abilities. There is no absolute determination of what powers they possess, but numerous sources have described imps as being immortal, capable of flight, teleporting, invisibility and conjuring fire.

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