Ice Golemimage
Ice Golems are creatures which appear in Wyrd Games' Malifaux universe.

Description Edit

Like their smaller cousins the Ice Gamin, Ice Golems are creatures made from the elemental forces of snow and ice, who embody the power of the blizzard and the fury of the god known as December. Unlike the Gamin, Ice Golems are massive physical powerhouses, each one towering over a normal man. They have the ability to tear the most dangerous of enemies limb from limb with their bare hands, immobilise opponents with a frigid scream, and project explosive blasts of frigid energy with a mere thought. In addition, Ice Golems are virtually indestructible, shrugging off wounds that would fell a lesser being, although they do have a tendency to shatter when hit with an attack that is strong enough to hurt them.

History Edit

An Arcanist must be powerful at his craft indeed to summon an Ice Golem. December rewards well those disciples who prove themselves worthy, however, as an Ice Golem is a formidable tool, functioning as either a bodyguard to enable the Arcanist to pursue December's agenda unmolested, or simply as an enormous beatstick to pulverise his opponents.

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