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Gohan and Icarus

Icarus is Gohan's pet baby dragon in Dragonball Z. He is purple and has wings. Gohan rescued him from a wild fire in The Tree of Might and Icarus became attracted to Gohan. Though Gohan's mother Chichi says he can't keep him, Goku goes against his wife's wishes and finds a cave to hide Icarus in. Though he hardly makes an appearance and is never seen again after the Cell Games, he is very helpful and devoted to Gohan, as he attacks Shenron when he thinks the larger dragon wants to hurt Gohan and helps Gohan control his Oozaru form. In Cooler's Revenge, he attacks Cooler's armored squad and takes Gohan to Korin's tower for senzu beans because flying with Gohan's energy would alert Cooler's scouters of his location. He also prevents Gohan from being infected by the black water mist and saves Maron from Bulma and Chichi who had been infected by the mist. Icarus also helps Gohan escape his mom's tedious studying to go watch Goku (attempt to) learn how to drive in Goku's Ordeal.

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Gohan and Icarus watching Goku learn how to drive

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