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"Alpha" Hunter

Hunters are a common type of B.O.W. from the Resident Evil video games. Originally developed by the Umbrella Corporation, these creatures have become regular black market items in the years since the pharmaceutical giant's downfall and have been used by various groups in bio-terrorist incidents around the world. There are several types of Hunters, each with a different shape and behavioral pattern.

Hunter TypesEdit

MA-121 Hunter "α"Edit

The first fully functional and marketable B.O.W. created by Umbrella. These creatures were developed by injecting human embryos with reptilian DNA and administering the T-virus as a bonding agent. The final product was a hunchbacked, lizard-like humanoid with green scales all over its body and long, gangly arms. Its digits end in razor-sharp claws for tearing prey to pieces in very little time. When they encounter a target, Hunters let out a terrifying, unnatural shriek before they attack. They are relentless creatures that will not stop pursuing their prey until it is dead. They have basic intelligence and are capable of following simple orders, but are also dangerous to handle and will go beserk if they are hungry. After the T-virus outbreak in Raccoon City, Umbrella began developing new Hunter models and the Alpha models were rendered mostly obsolete.

MA-121 Hunter "β"Edit

MA-121 Hunter Beta
The Beta-class Hunter was a variation of the Alpha model developed in Umbrella's Arklay Mountains facility. These new models were created in the company's underground complex in Raccoon City and ran amok during the T-virus outbreak. The experiments yielded mixed results; the Beta Hunter's left arm outgrew its right, and while their speed and reaction time was enhanced, they lacked the combat prowess of the Alphas. Another unforeseen side effect was the appearance of numerous tumour-like growths over its head and back, which obscured its vision and created weak points. Because of these mutations, the Beta Hunters were never mass-produced and were destroyed along with Raccoon City.

MA-124 Hunter "γ"Edit

304px-Hunter γ
The Hunter Gamma model is an amphibious variant of the Hunter. It was developed by Umbrella's European division as the company reinvestigated the possibility of aquatic-based B.O.W.'s following the failure of Dr. James Marcus's Lurker experiment. Its scaly skin is blue with a white underbelly and red neck sac. It has long arms like the Alpha model, but its hands and feet are more akin to the feet of a frog and have smaller claws. The Gammas have no eyes, relying on smell to track their prey, whom they will swallow whole with their large, toothless mouthes. Due to their amphibious nature, the Gamma models were considerably difficult to transport and maintain outside the proper environment. They are ill-suited to hot and dry environments, making them less than ideal weapons.

Hunter "δ"Edit

The Delta-class Hunter only appeared in the comic book "Biohazard: The Umbrella Chronicles: Prelude to the Collapse". Their appearance and abilities don't really seem any different from the original Alpha types. Only a handful of Deltas were created and were destroyed by anti-biohazard activists prior to the destruction of Umbrella.

MA-125 Hunter-REdit

This variant of the Hunter appears to resemble a mutant crocodile, somewhat. It is leaner than the Alpha-class
Hunter R
Hunter with a more elongated muzzle and scaly spikes all over its back. Several R-types were bred in Umbrella's laboratory beneath Raccoon City and escaped amidst the chaos brought on by the T-virus outbreak in the city. They killed several researchers before they were stopped by a rapid drop in temperature in their lab wing. The frozen Hunters were thawed out after a group of refugees from the outbreak ventured into the labs and raised the temperature again. They were able to take out the creatures first, luckily.

Hunter KaiEdit

Also referred to as "Enhanced Hunter" or "Hunter II". This variant was more dexterous than the Alpha-type, possibly due to the addition of amphibious DNA to its genetic makeup. This breed of Hunter was developed by a
600px-Enhanced Hunter
mysterious group known only as the "Organisation", using genetic data stolen from Umbrella. They appear in Resident Evil - Code: Veronica when they are shipped to Rockfort Island by Albert Wesker, who sends them after his former subordinate from S.T.A.R.S., Chris Redfield. As Chris explores Rockfort, Wesker is monitoring him using small robotic cameras called "Spotters". if a Spotter's search beam touches Chris, a Hunter Kai will be summoned to the area.


Sweepers are an altered version of the Hunter Kai, again developed by the Organisation and used by Wesker's HCF group during their raid on Rockfort Island. The Sweeper can be identified by its reddish skin. It fights in much the same way as the Hunter but its claws secrete a toxin that will poison its victims, making it all the more deadly.

Hunter EliteEdit

The final Umbrella-produced Hunter model, which only appeared in Resident Evil: Dead Aim. It looks very similar to the Hunter II, but only one of its hands has claws. It is also considerably more resilient and requires high-caliber weapons to kill quickly.


The Farfarello is a new Hunter variant from Resident Evil: Revelations. Named after one of the 13 devils from Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, the Farfarello was created by the
Farfarello scan
bio-terrorist group Il Veltro, who administered the T-Abyss virus to standard Hunters. They have taken on more aquatic attributes and are capable of camoflaging themselves to blend into the environment. However, being exposed to multiple viral strains has made them even more aggressive and much more difficult to handle and transport.

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