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Hobgoblins are either goblin -like trolls, troll-like goblins, or goblin-troll hybrids (although their culture definitely indicates goblin relationships).  They are five-six feet tall, and are more intelligent and bulkier than goblins. Their skin color can be various forms of red. They are shaped like goblins, but they have troll-like faces and limbs.

Their culture less than organized. They usually work for goblin tribes as squadron commanders, but there are also independent gangs of hobgoblins.  The hobgoblins who work for goblin tribes are highly trained and vicious, wearing yellow armor and horned helmets, and wielding battle axes. They (like redcaps and trolls) serve the purpose of commanding goblin squadrons.  The hobgoblins of independent gangs are inferior to their goblin serving fellows.  They move from place to place as plundering nomads, often working with Goblins.  They are wayward criminals as opposed to trained soldiers, and are often armed with simple weapons (although yellow is still their choice of clothing color). 

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