Hoarcats are creatures which appear in Wyrd Games' Malifaux universe.


Covered in a thick coat of fur, Hoarcats somewhat resemble Earthside Maine Coon cats, although there the similarity ends. Hoarcats hunt both by themselves and as part of a pride, but in a pride is where the Hoarcats' predatory abilities excel. Capable of bringing down even the largest of prey when attacking in numbers, these felids operate in a similar manner to wolves or lions in our world. To a human, a solitary Hoarcat is generally something to be ignored, but to face down a group of these hungry predators is a different matter entirely, and an unwary traveller is likely to overlook a lone cat who has friends hiding in the bushes . . .


Indigenous to the imposing yet sparsely-populated mountains to the north and west of the city of Malifaux, instances of individual Hoarcats attacking people are rare, although not unheard of. On the other hand, attacks by a group of Hoarcats is a fairly common occurrence, and they have been known to prey on humans on horseback on occasion. There is even one report of an entire caravan having fallen to a Hoarcat ambush.

Some Arcanists, especially those that shun the company of humans in preferance to the creatures of the wild, have shown an aptitude for calling these beasts to their banners. Marcus and Rasputina in particular seem to favour Hoarcats as allies.