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The original picture.

Herobrine is a hacker. How I know this is when I entered one of my worlds it was perfectly normal until I saw a player but I knew no one was on my server. So I went to check it out and he was gone and that is when I knew it was Herobrine. He had killed me over one hundred times and the animals started to kill me and then my friends joined my game and they saw Herobrine and we hid ourselves in a room and put glass all around to keep us safe so he hacks peoples worlds and freezes the whole game.

-athena schott/skuls9000

Edited by Hannibal Lecter 'I edited this, even though I think this is false but who am I to judge. Anyways I edited this because the original Author had terrible spelling it was like a 5 year old wrote it, I fixed all the spelling mistakes and I hope the reader is grabbed, Thank You.


  • It is believed that Herobrine can teleport and glide, although it is unknown if this is true.
  • In many Minecraft updates, Herobrine has been shown to have been removed, only to return later. This means Herobrine is a virus that re-installs itself into and or adapts itself to the game.
  • He has the same control over the Minecraft world that a player would have, able to build and destroy whatever he wants.
  • He is friends to the mobs (the creatures of Minecraft), solely targeting you even if there is a chicken, a zombie or even a creeper nearby. Either the mobs ignore him,or he is only visible to you. 
  • Most mods, videos and anything about Herobrine mentions about his eyes, which can burn anything. (although this might be an exaggeration made by the community).
  • Herobrine is near-certainly inspired by Slenderman, who is also the inspiration behind Endermen.
  • Herobrine is also known for 404'ing his profile page on the Minecraft Forums, however there may not have been a profile for him in the first place.


Herobrine has become a famous "character" in the community. Hundreds of photos exist online, although most of them are fake. Mods and plug-ins have also been made. With Herobrine's popularity as large as it is, it is nearly impossible to prove or disprove his existance.

Fact from FictionEdit

With his popularity, many photos exist. Here is a way of judging whether a photo is legitimate or not.

    Herobrine has been shown to only appear on
    tiny render distance.
    Herobrine seems to only appear on 
    single player.
    All original photos depict Herobrine 
    with NO items in hand.

 it says that 4j studios removed herobrine but they didnt because he was never real so therefor they couldnt of removed him if he was never in the game
    Herobrine only appears in the Overworld 
    dimension in the originals,   
    despite being popularized as being nether-based.
    Herobrine's only appearance is EXACTLY as the 
    default player's is, with the       
    only exemption being the eyes, which are WHITE.
    Herobrine has not been proven to be spawned by a 
    "shrine", and this is just       
    a myth popularized by the mod.
    Herobrine doesn't talk in chat or atempt to communicate 
    with the player in any way (in-game).
    Herobrine has only been officially communicating via the minecraft forums,
    and trying to see the info on the account will 
    lead to a web page error.
    The original Herobrine sightings do not capture Herobrine doing anything
    malignant. Whether Herobrine is truly evil or not is unknown, although many
    fake sightings, mods, etc. have caused most of the Minecraft community to 
    believe he is evil.

The TruthEdit

The most likely theory is, that Herobrine is real

, and then after the original sightings, he was made popular by the community. Early in Minecraft, (during the first stages of Indev) existed a mob called "Human". The human mob looked exactly like the player does. Since alpha, coding from the human mob was deleted in many updates, but instead of addressing this directly, the removal was said as "Removed Herobrine". Here is a link to the "human" mob.

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