The Hellhound is a two-headed canine creature that appears in the first Dungeon Keeper game. These ferocious dogs make excellent scouts and explorers, quickly traversing uncharted terrain in order to sniff out heroes and enemy creatures. Within the dungeon walls, hellhounds keep the dungeon tidy by urinating on the corpses of enemies that have made it inside only to be killed. Disgusting as it may seem, this action actually aids in decomposition. After all, no one likes their dungeon to be littered with bodies, do they? Hellhounds will also urinate in the dungeon's graveyard which accelerates the generation of new Vampires.


  • Melee - The Hellhound's twin heads will snap and tear at enemies.
  • Speed - Hellhounds are highly athletic and can dash from one end of a realm to the other in no time.
  • Flame Breath - Hellhounds destroy prey with searing flames from their mouths.
  • Immunity - Hellhounds are unaffected by lava, allowing them to explore areas which are inaccessible to other creatures.
  • Scent - Hellhounds can detect invisible enemies with their keen sense of smell.


  • Exploration - Hellhounds are highly inquisitive and love to explore new terrain. While this can lead to useful discoveries, hellhounds may also charge straight into enemy groups and will fight no matter how outmatched they might be, so keep an eye on them.
  • Scavenging - Hellhounds are attracted to the dungeon by the Scavenger Room which they will use to communicate with creatures in other dungeons so that they might tempt them into defecting to your side.


  • Demon Spawn - Demon Spawn and Hellhounds are natural enemies and will always fight each other unless they are kept in separate areas of the dungeon.