Heaven Smile

A Heaven Smile.

  The Heaven Smile is a terroirist organization from the game, [1]Killer 7. Smileys, as they are often known as, are people infected by an evil god, known as Kun Lan. The infected victims then become an ugly, walking, bomb, with a smile stretching across their face. They are inherently invisible, which serves as a definite problem.


The smiles first appeared to cause chaos among the U.N. The United Nations had just acheived World Peace. Kun Lan didn't want that. He then created the Heavens Smiles. The Killer 7 was contacted to kill these creatures. The Kiler 7 were led by a 'good' god, named Harman Smith. The Killer 7 had the power to see the invisible smiles, and get a chance to shoot them. The smiles appeared in nearly every evil plot that Kun Lan was involved in. And the Killer 7 were not far behind. After Kun Lan's death, the smiles were eventually killed off by one of The Killer 7,[2] Garcian Smith. 

 Abilities & PowersEdit

Note: Abilities differ depending on Smile. What you see here is the normal abilities for a normal Smile. 

  •   The smiles are invisible, only to be seen by the Killer 7.
  •   They can disquise themselves as normal humans.
  •   They explode upon reachong a living person.
  •   Not all Smiles are infected humans. Smiles can breed, creating more of their kind.
    Killer7 Heaven Smile Laugh00:06

    Killer7 Heaven Smile Laugh

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