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The early version of Harvey Monster

Harvey Monster is a dark blue Anything Monster with yellow horns, black eyebrows, and a pink nose. He appeared on Sesame Street starting in 1975. Harvey has been part of the chorus in several songs, as listed below. He was also featured in a 1970's sketch were Harvey went to the lost and found searching for his lost friend. This sketch is where he received his name.

While the earliest prototype, as seen on the cover of The Sesame Street Monsters! was a standard Fat Blue pattern with features added, the later Harvey (an AM monster) was a variation; instead of a slitted mouth, Harvey's mouth operated like a hinge, opening out from his face when speaking. An earlier version using this puppet also had a different face, with white eyes, no horns, and square teeth—one on each jaw.

Harvey has been performed by many different performers over the years, including Jim Henson, Richard Hunt, Frank Oz and Jerry Nelson.


  • The early version of this character was also used in a character besides Harvey named "Little Chrissy".
  • The body of this monster is frequently different from "Leo Frackle" but the neck is extended for the monster.

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