A harvester.

Harvesters are creatures in the Dragon Age series of games. First appearing in the Golems of Amgarrak DLC, harvesters are monstrous aberrations made from the corpses of their victims. The first harvester was created when the dwarves of Amgarrak tried to recreate the work of the great dwarven smith Caridin. The creature they created was to become the first golem created since Caridin's disappearance, but was corrupted when a mage of the Tevinter Imperium fused his magic with it.
Harvester golem

A harvester with its golem.

The harvester was sealed in Amgarrak, where it fused the bodies of the dead into a flesh golem. It was killed years later by the Hero of Ferelden, but not before more harvesters were created. During the Battle for Kirkwall, First Enchanter Orsino of the Kirkwall Circle of Magi transformed himself into a harvester through blood magic, but was killed by the Champion of Kirkwall, either because he betrayed the Circle when he transformed, or because the Champion was allied with the Templars.


Regeneration - Unless the harvester itself is killed, the golem can be revived. Should one be unlucky enough to find himself faced with two or more harvesters, this can be a problem.

Super-Strength - the golem's arms are formed of many corpses' muscles, lending it the strength of an ogre.

Agile - Without the golem, a harvester is faster and able to jump long distances. However, as it is fragile without it's body, it will generally try to find a corpse as quickly as possible.