Type-041, codenamed "The Hangedman", was a genetically-engineered gargoyle-styled creature that appeared in House of the Dead. Created by Dr. Roy Curien, the Hangedman overlooked the progress of AMS agents Thomas Rogan and G when they investigated the Curien Mansion in 1998. Unlike most of Curien's creations, the Hangedman appeared to be intelligent as it was capable of speech.

Overview Edit

The Hangedman is a monstrous hybrid of human and bat. The mutation granted the creature the ability to fly with bat wings and summon Devilons to attack his prey. Also, it gave the creature working vocal chords allowing him to speak in a bat-like humanoid tone. When Rogan and G arrived at the mansion and attempted to rescue Sophie Richards, the Hangedman swooped down from the sky and grabbed Sophie with its talons. As it carried her away, the monster warned Rogan and G "Nobody leaves here alive!"

Rogan and G encounter the Hangedman again in the game's second chapter and the creature attacks directly, aided by a swarm of Devilons. It is only after shooting down the Devilons shielding it that Rogan and G are able to finally slay the creature.

Weaknesses Edit

The Hangedman's weak point is its chest. The chest is composed of weak skin tissue and lacks muscle, giving the creature a slim form that is very easy for ammunition to penetrate, harming its internal organs.

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