Gyrm Warrior (Hammer)

a gyrm warrior, wielding a great hammer and wearing a greathelm

The gyrm is a very dwarf-like presence from the game Dark Souls 2. Once a proud race of expert craftsmen, the gyrm were exiled from Drangleic, and in turn, most of them wore large, heavy helmets that hid their face and moved to the underground, where they inevitably went hollow, being one of few exceptions to the common hollow (this is possibly due to their abilities beyond normal humans).

Abilities Edit

Superior strength Edit

The gyrm have weapons such as anvils on chains or sticks and large axes, they also possess large chunks of stone that, if used, require immense strength and vitality.

Natural craftsmen Edit

All gyrm are capable of creating rather crude looking weaponry that possess godly durability, damage and defense.

Weaknesses Edit

Blunt weaponry Edit

Gyrm have heavy armor, making blunt weaponry devastating to the creature.

Notes Edit

  • There is a gyrm by the name of Lonesome Gavlan, who is the only NPC who you can sell items to, located in No Man's Wharf, Eathern peak, and the caves underneath Blightstone Cave, Tseldora.

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