Super Gyaos

Super Gyaos from Gamera: Guardian of the Universe

Gyaos (ギャオス, Gyaosu), also spelled Gaos, are giant man-eating reptilian vampire bat creatures that are the main antagonists of the Gamera series. The Gyaos first appeared in the movie Gamera vs. Gyaos in 1967 and have become Gamera's most recurring enemy.


Gyaos resemble a cross between a pteranodon and a vampire bat. The Gyaos possess a long pointed tail and an arrow-shaped head.


In the Showa Era, Gyaos appeared without explanation from a cave and began to feed on human blood. Later, silver Gyaos were seen flying through outer space, suggesting that they were an alien race. In the Heisei era, Gyaos is the result of genetic engineering experiments by the ancient Atlanteans. The Gyaos reproduced out of control and began to feed on their creators, wiping out Atlantis.


Showa EraEdit

Gamera vs. GyaosEdit

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Gamera vs. GuironEdit

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Heisei EraEdit

Gamera: Guardian of the UniverseEdit

In the Heisei Gamera Trilogy, it is explained that Gyaos were genetically engineered to be the perfect lifeform by the ancient Atlanteans. The Gyaos quickly reproduced out of control and wiped out most of their creators. As a last-ditch effort to protect the planet from Gyaos, the Atlanteans created Gamera, a giant flying turtle to kill them. Gamera was successful in killing most of the Gyaos and driving the rest into hiding, but not before Atlantis was completely destroyed.

Thousands of years later, human tampering with the environment created an environment ideal for the Gyaos and three of them appeared on Himegami Island near Japan. The Gyaos ate most of the island's inhabitants and turned their attention to Japan. Gamera awakened as well and intercepted the Gyaos at Fukuoka, killing one of them. Gamera later encountered the other two Gyaos in a small Japanese village and blew another one up with a fireball. The last Gyaos battled Gamera across the skies of Japan until Gamera was shot down by the Self-Defense Forces. Gyaos escaped and fed on humans and livestock until it reached over 80 meters in height and became Super Gyaos. Super Gyaos flew to Tokyo and nested in the Tokyo Tower. Gamera arrived days later and destroyed Gyaos' nest, then engaged in battle with the evolved Gyaos. Gamera took Gyaos into the atmosphere then flew back down to Earth at incredible speed. Gyaos used its sonic beam to free itself from Gamera's grip and flew to safety, while Gamera plummeted into a refinery and was engulfed in flames. To Gyaos' surprise, Gamera absorbed the fire and blasted Gyaos with a powerful Mana fireball, decapitating it.

Gamera 3: Revenge of IrisEdit

As a result of the Earth's Mana being depleted from Gamera's desperate attack to destroy Legion, thousands of evolved Gyaos called Hyper Gyaos began to appear all over the world. Gamera attempted to fight off the Gyaos, but inadvertently killed thousands of humans in the process. The most horrific incident occured in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, where Gamera engaged two Hyper Gyaos in battle. The battle devastated the city and killed thousands of civilians, although Gamera took special care to save a young boy from Gyaos' sonic beam. Gamera killed both Gyaos, but the destruction he caused made him the new target of the military.

Meanwhile, a special mutated Gyaos named Iris was awakened from a shrine in the Nara prefecture of Japan and raised by the orphan Ayana Hirasaka, who blamed Gamera for her parents' deaths. Iris grew rapidly and proceeded to kill the inhabitants of a nearby village, then followed Ayana to Kyoto. Iris was intercepted by Gamera on the way, and the two monsters soon arrived in Kyoto to fight to the death. Gamera destroyed Iris, but lost his arm in the process. The battle was not yet over, as thousands of Hyper Gyaos were flying to Gamera's location, intending to finish him off. Gamera roared defiantly at the sky, ready to meet the Gyaos head on, with humanity ready to fight right beside him.

Gamera: The BraveEdit

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  • Supersonic Flight - Gyaos can fly at mach 4, even faster than Gamera, who can fly at mach 3.5.
  • Sonic Cutter Beam - Gyaos can spit a powerful sonic ray from its mouth capable of cutting clean through virtually any material.
  • Regeneration - Gyaos can regenerate wounds in a matter of hours. Gamera once bit Gyaos' foot off, only for Gyaos to regrow it later that same day.
  • Growth - Gyaos can grow considerably by consuming other animals, including humans or even other Gyaos.
  • Reproduction - Gyaos can reproduce asexually, laying dozens of eggs at once.


Gyaos has a strong aversion to sunlight and usually only comes out at night. Super Gyaos overcame this light weakness by developing shield plates over its eyes. Gyaos is extremely feral and savage, and rarely uses strategy in battle, leaving it open to opportunistic attacks by more intelligent foes like Gamera. Gyaos' skin also seems to be easily penetrated, as shown by Guiron slicing a Gyaos apart like bread. Gamera's fireballs seem to be especially effective against Gyaos, a direct hit being able to kill the smaller unevolved Gyaos in one hit and a larger supercharged fireball being able to decapitate the Super Gyaos.


Throughout the Gamera series, Gyaos takes on several different forms.

Gyaos (Showa)Edit

Showa Gyaos

Gyaos in Gamera vs. Gyaos

The normal Gyaos from the original Showa films. It is 60 meters tall with a wingspan of 100 meters and weighs 60 tons.

Space GyaosEdit

Space Gyaos

Space Gyaos in Gamera vs. Guiron

A type of Gyaos capable of space flight. It is never seen fighting Gamera, only Guiron.

Gyaos (Heisei)Edit


Gyaos in Gamera: Guardian of the Universe

Small unevolved Gyaos that appear in the Heisei era. These Gyaos are 10 meters tall with a wingspan of 15 meters and weigh 20 tons.

Super GyaosEdit

Super Gyaos 2

Super Gyaos in Gamera: Guardian of the Universe

A larger more powerful variant of the Heisei Gyaos. It is 85 meters tall with a wingspan of 185 meters and weighs 75 tons.

Hyper GyaosEdit

Hyper Gyaos

Hyper Gyaos in Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris

An even larger and deadlier version of the Super Gyaos. It is 88 meters tall with a wingspan of 190 meters and weighs 78 tons.


Main article: Iris
Imago Iris

Iris, the ultimate Gyaos in Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris

Iris is the most powerful and highly evolved Gyaos. Iris can alter its two chromosomes by absorbing the genetic information of other life forms. It can also use its tentacles to drain the life force of other creatures. Like Gamera, Iris uses special Atlantean beads to communicate with humans and can form a symbiotic relationship with one. Iris exists only to kill Gamera, and although it failed at this goal it caused Gamera to lose an arm. It is 99 meters tall, 2,000 meters long, and weighs 199 tons.

Two-Headed GyaosEdit

Two-Headed Gyaos

The two-headed Gyaos in Gamera: 2000

A two-headed Super Gyaos that appears as a boss in a video game called "Gamera: 2000"


  • Gyaos was chosen as Gamera's enemy for the reboot film Gamera: Guardian of the Universe because it was consistently found to be Gamera's most popular enemy and was the only monster besides Gamera to appear in more than one film in the Showa series. Barugon was the other monster Daiei was considering.
  • Gyaos is the only monster besides Gamera to appear in all three eras of Gamera films, as well as the only one to appear in more than one film.


Gamera 3 Revenge of Iris - Gamera vs07:41

Gamera 3 Revenge of Iris - Gamera vs. Hyper Gyaos

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