ZN gusyphus

Gusyphus is a post X-Day Hyper-Zoanoid that appears in the later chapters of the Guyver manga. This model appears to be avian-based but also possesses reptilian traits as well. Its physical strength is unremarkable by Hyper-Zoanoid standards, but is quite nimble and possesses a stealth ability similar to Gastal, rendering itself invisible even to the Guyver's sensors. Gusyphus' most impressive ability, however, is its force field. It can generate an invisible energy barrier that completely blocks any attack, even the weapons of the Guyver. The shield can be expanded up to 100 meters in diameter and has an abrasive effect, damaging any objects that touch it.

Gusyphus was deployed to destroy Guyver-II F; confronting her, he trapped her inside his force field along with four Enzyme III types, while he himself vanished from detection. However, the female Guyver deduced he had to be in the exact center of the field, and used a form of echolocation (she bounced gravity pulses off its inner surface) to determinate its perimeter. She then simply slashed blindly at the center of the invisible dome, mortally wounding Gusyphus.