Gunkers are especially-deadly Lambent creatures that appear in Gears of War 3. These monsters used to be Locust Butcher Boomers before being heavily mutated by prolonged Imulsion exposure.

Biology Edit

The typical Gunker is over twice the height of an average human with a very bulky body. It is covered in the same chitinous tissue as other Lambent, its most distinctive features being a set of small tentacular appendages surrounding the head, an elongated arm with a Butcher's cleaver fused to the end of it, and a swollen abdomen filled with Imulsion. The Gunker's left arm is capable of secreting large amounts of gelatinous Imulsion which it can then throw at enemies.

Behaviour Edit

Gunkers cannot move very quickly, but they do not need to be close to an enemy to attack them. Their primary method of attack is to produce large globs of Imulsion with their left arm and then throw it at their targets. Gunkers have an impressive range and hiding behind cover is unlikely to help protect a Gear from the explosive impact of a ball of Imulsion. They usually throw quite high, however, so there is a brief window of opportunity to evade the incoming projectile. When fighting close targets, Gunkers will strike using the Butcher cleavers fused to their long right arms.

Combat Edit

Gunkers are extremely tough, certainly tougher than ordinary Boomers, and can absorb a lot of ammunition before finally dying. There most obvious point of weakness is the abdomen, but even firing on this area requires a lot of ammo before the Gunker succumbs. Like most Lambent, Gunkers will explode upon death, but the larger quantity of Imulsion in their bodies results in a bigger, heavier explosion. So when a Gunker dies, be very far away.

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