Guardians are a variety of Necromorph from the Dead Space video games. They appear to be bloated human cadavers that have been fused to the Corruption, a shapeless mass of necrotic flesh that grows and expands in any Necromorph-infested area. The limbs of the bodies have fused to the Corruption, making the Guardians immobile.

Biology Edit

Infected humans that are to become Guardians are merged to the Corruption. The victim's legs are severed and a large gaping wound opens down the middle of the torso as the bones and internal organs are reconfigured. The arms are eventually consumed by the Corruption and the Guardian's stomach area expands as the organs are re-purposed to produce Pods, lumps of flesh that are spat out of the Guardian's belly orifice that sprout tentacles that shoot barbs at prey. The chest of the Guardian is torn open and several tentacular appendages can be seen erupting from the chest cavity and anchoring themselves to the surrounding Corruption. Another tentacle forms within the cavity that ends in a scythe-like blade that will emerge when a potential victim draws too close.

Behaviour Edit

The Guardian cannot actively hunt for prey due to its immobility, instead waiting for potential victims to happen by its location. Guardians can normally be found in pathways leading to areas of importance and become active when prey enters its line of sight.

It is worth noting that unlike other Necromorphs, Guardians still cling onto their former lives. A Guardian constantly wails in pain and agony, indicating that there may still be a lingering shred of the person it used to be.

When prey is in sight, the Guardian will release Pods from its abdomen. These Pods do not move and are essentially organic turrets, sprouting long tentacles that shoot bony spikes at high velocity. The Pods can be stopped by shooting the tentacles off, but they will explode shortly after.

Approaching a Guardian is foolhardy and downright suicidal. If someone goes near it, the Guardian's scythe-tipped intestinal tentacle will emerge and instantly decapitate the hapless victim.

Combat Edit

When attacking a Guardian, distance is strongly advised. A Guardian can be killed by severing its intestines which have emerged and anchored themselves to the surrounding Corruption. This can be done quickly using the Plasma Cutter or Line Gun, though explosives are the best weapons for the job. Using the grenade launcher on a Pulse Rifle or using Kinesis to throw fuel canisters straight into the Guardian's chest cavity should sever all of its tendrils at once. Upon death, a Guardian will emit one final agonised cry that fades into a sigh of relief.

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