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Halo Grunt

Grunt from the Xbox game, Halo

The Grunt is an alien from the game, Halo. They are small, semi-squeaky voiced aliens part of the Covanent, an Alien alliance bent on destruction. They cannot breathe in oxygen like humans can, so they have fin-like breathing tanks on their backs so they can breathe on earth and other air-filled planets. In the games you can hit the tank off while they are alive or dead. Oddly enough, if you hit it off while they are alive, they will still run around and will not die. There is an unlockable called Birthday Candle. If you turn the unlockable, or Skull on, confetti and the sound of children yelling "Yay!" when you get a headshot on a Grunt.


Grunts speak in a barking kind of manner, and do have names, examples being Yayap, Dadab, Flipyap, and similar names. They are the lowest ranking warrior species in the Covenant, being the fastest to reproduce, and often used as cannon fodder. They are usually seen along with Elites or Jackals, although Jackals and Grunts never get along, and often fight.


The grunt is a sharp toothed alien. The Prophets made them air tanks and mouth pieces for them. The air tanks come in different colors such as red, bronze, and white.


Like any other alien is Halo, grunts carry weapons. They are:

Plasma Pistol

They fire small, plasma balls that can stun a vehicle if fully charged and knock out fully charged shields. Most grunts have these, and elites have them as secondary weapons.


These weapons fire pink crystals at their foes that explode after a few seconds, doing tremendous damage. The pink crystals also serve as a good melee weapon when bashing the gun against a foe.

Fuel-Rod Gun

This is a heavy gun that fires a large plasma battery. They can do a large amount of damage. The batterys are similar to the plasma pulse of a Wraith, but smaller.

Plasma or Sticky Grenade

These grenades are special because they stick to anything besides particular Brute Cheiftains, and Jackal Shield's. They make a loud, Beeping noise; then explode.


Grunts often use Ghosts to move around at high speed. They can shoot a powerful streams of plasma and they can boost, thus splattering the enemy when rammed into and able to dodge ramming attempts by other vehicles.

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