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Sadly nothing on this page, as someone deleted all data here and replaced it with incomprehensible nonsense. I sincerely apologize for anyone that, as well as I, was trying to look up information. However, you are more than welcome to write down new, actual information if you know any. Thank you for understanding.

The Griffin, or Griffon, or Gryphon is a Greek Legendary Creature, similar in status to the Minotaur. Its body tail and back legs are that of a lion. Its front legs, head and wings are that of eagles. It is grouped with the mythical hybrids (Centaurs, Minotaurs and such). The lion, symbol of courage and power combined with the independance of the Eagle makes the Griffon a symbol of absolute power, for rulers, for example.

In some lore Griffons traveled in pairs, one mate. If the mate was to die its partner will live the rest of its life alone. The Griffons have no allergy to silver. The best way to kill a Griffon is beheading. However Griffons are flying lions. Using their massive jaws and talons in combat. They are passive creatures in most sources. Only attacking after their mate has passed or being attacked.

I hope this little snip bit helps. I couldn't find more that was better sourced.


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