Gremlins are popular movie monsters. They are the result of a Mogwai being fed after midnight.


Gremlins are ammonia-based lifeforms.

Changes from MogwaiEdit

Gremlins are bigger than mogwai and considerably more vicious and deadly (possessing fangs, claws, and, possibly, a higher intellect). They are governed by the first two rules of owning a mogwai; however, eating after midnight has no effect on them, and any spawn they produce immediately start out as gremlins.

Notable GremlinsEdit

  • Stripe: The main antagonist of the first Gremlins film. He is recognizable by the white fur stripe on his head in both Mogwai and Gremlin forms. Being the leader of this pack, Stripe was more cunning and dangerous than the other Gremlins. He was finally defeated by Gizmo when exposed to sunlight. He was reincarnated in the sequel as Mohawk (now with a fin down his face resembling his stripe), and modified into a giant spider-like monster. He was killed quite easily this time, being exploded by Gizmo.
  • Brain Gremlin: The genetically-altered main antagonist of Gremlins 2: The Next Batch. He started out as an ordinary Gremlin until he got the "Brain" serum from the laboratory. The Brain Gremlin suddenly began to talk and wear clothing, and began modifying the other Gremlins to fit his needs. He was destroyed with the others when they were electrocuted by a Gremlin transformed into electricity.

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