The Green Slimes were creatures from the 1968 B-movie The Green Slime.


The Slimes were initially a mass of, as their name would suggest, green slime. Later in their life cycle the Slime was able to utilise an external energy source to evolve into a multitude of one-eyed, green tentacled humanoids and reproduce. In this form, the Slime were able to generate electrical bolts with which to attack their enemies.


After Earthbound scientists discover an asteroid named Flora on a collision course with Earth, a group of astronauts from the space station Gamma 3 are dispatched to the asteroid to plant nuclear devices to destroy it and save the planet. Their mission a success, the astronauts return to Gamma 3, unaware that a mysterious luminous green substance has hitched a ride back on one of their space suits.

Once back at the station, the slime begins to absorb the energy of the space station's power source, quickly mutating into several hostile tentacled monstrosities which try to take over the habitat and kill all those on board. In an attempt to defend themselves, the crew use laser guns to try and destroy the creatures, but the Slimes simply soak up the laser energy, which in turn allows them to multiply further.

Realising that mankind's only hope is to destroy the Gamma 3, the remaining astronauts set one of the nuclear devices to detonate and escape the station on board a shuttle, destroying the Green Slimes and saving the human race.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Energy AbsorptionEdit

The Slimes were capable of absorbing power from any nearby energy source and using it to accelerate their own reproductive biology.

Electrical ProjectionEdit

The Slimes showed the ability to generate and employ electrical charges as an offensive weapon.

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