Martian greens

Ma'aleca'andrans - more commonly known as Green Martians - are an extraterrestrial race from DC Comics. Originating from Mars, or Ma'aleca'andra in their own language, they are an intelligent and peaceful race with a refined culture. The exact history of this species has varied between different iterations of the DC Universe, but in many of them the Green Martians have been driven to near extinction.

Characteristics Edit

Green Martians have hairless green skin, elongated heads with beetle-like brows and have red eyes. They possess powerful telepathic abilities and commonly communicate with one another in this fashion; they can also communicate with non-Martians this way.

Green Martians have a highly malleable physiology. Their psionic power allows them to fully manipulate their own individual cells, thereby granting them such powers as shapeshifting, invisibility and phase-shifting. Martians are also completely self-sustaining and do not need to eat or drink.

Green Martians, for all their extraordinary abilities, do have a vulnerability to fire. Fire can affect a Martian both physically and psychologically, causing their physical structure to become unstable and sending them into fits of panic.

Individuals Edit

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