The Great Guidance was one of the antagonists in Phil Tucker's 1953 movie Robot Monster.

Description Edit

The Great Guidance appeared identical to Ro-Man |Ro-Man Extension XJ-2 (it was, after all, the same actor in the same suit). It had a bipedal, gorilla-like body, a diving helmet-style head, a single round "eye," and a pair of long, silver antennae.

History Edit

The evil alien Great Guidance, having sent his minion Ro-Man to the moon to destroy humanity, was infuriated when Ro-Man was on the brink of success, only to cease in his efforts due to having developed an illogical infatuation with one of the female survivors.

The Great Guidance promptly teleported itself to Earth and destroyed its wayward creation before unleashing a mighty earthquake and a great swarm of prehistoric creatures on the planet in an effort to finish the task that Ro-Man had begun.

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