Grays are a type of alien that has been stalking mankind for thousands of years. They have been depicted in cave paintings and reported in alien abductions hundreds of times.


A grey alien


Grays are small, humanoid figures, ranging from 2-5 feet tall. They range from blue-gray to dark grey, hence the name, and massive, black eyes. They are abnormally skinny and have massive, bulbous heads. They have slender, four-fingered hands and four-toed feet.


Gray aliens are amazingly fast and can jump much higher and farther than humans can. They also can render humans unconscious using telekineses. The only way to stop that is listening to music, so when engaging grays in combat it is recommended to have a mp3 player on hand, with the earphones firmly taped in place.


Grays do not speak, but can squeal, not unlike a pig, and seem to communicate through their minds, not their mouths. The way they do this is still unknown to us.
Grey alien

An alleged picture of some greys


Grays usually run when threatened, but when cornered, will fight. Also, they like to use numbers and surprise. Unfortunately for grays, we are much stronger. Grays know this, and also know our weakspots. It is recommended that when fighting aliens, you wear sunglasses to prevent your eyes becoming a target. Protective gear around the crotch is recommended as well. When fighting the aliens, though, aim for weakspots like the knee, neck, chest, and feet. Aiming for the eyes also is a sufficient way of disarming your extraterrestrial foe.

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