The Graverobber is a type of Necromorph that was supposed to have appeared in the animated film Dead Space: Downfall. The creature was cut from the finished film, likely due to time constraints.

Description Edit

The Graverobber Necromorph appears to be made from multiple human corpses that have been merged into a single form. It is unknown exactly how many bodies were merged to create this monster. The creature is a quadruped with four muscular legs covered in plates of calcified bone tissue that serve as armour. The "head" of the beast actually consists of three human heads, their lower jaws altered into a wicked set of mandibles with a long tongue extending between them. Along the monster's back are the still-groaning heads of multiple humans that make up the creature's form. On either side of the mass of fused bodies on the back is a long, spindly limb ending in a curved spike.

Aside from the obvious, it is unclear what function the Graverobber served. Likely, it would hunt down victims and devour them whole, possibly adding them to its own biomass.

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