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The Grave Digger is the name of a large, mutated caterpillar that grew into it's current size from a 

Sliding Worm.


Grave Digger Render.

It's encountered only in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and it's varient in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chron

icles with the aformentioned taking place in the Raccoon Cemetary and the latter taking place in Racc

oon City's downtown district right in the middle of a street road.

The encounter in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis can be considered high mid-to low high difficulty, mostly in terms of taking damage and how much you take based on certain strikes from the Grave Digger. Normal hits are from a quick lunge out of the ground, usually random since the Grave Digger doesn't move around to get in front or around you.

The secondary form of attack is that the Grave Digger moves at you from underground then comes out of it completely and moves forward while lunging at you, this move does the MOST damage and can be FATAL if it manages to get you in a corner so watch out.

Two ways exist of killing the Grave Digger:

Grave Digger In Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

1) You can go the casual/typical route of dodging it's attacks and continue to pour gunfire on it until the Grave Digger dies.

2) Avoid the creature long enough for a sequence to happen in which the light pole n

ear the puddle is knocked loose and lure the Grave Digger near it, shoot it down completely and crispy fry the monster in a one-hit K.O.

-Notice, there's a first round with the Grave Digger that takes place in the Courtyard in the city, a rumble happens at first and a little farther ahead the Grave Digger causes the ground underneath you to collapse. Inside the maintanence room you fall in there are several switches and a ladder out of your reach for the moment, in a small sequence the Grave Digger bursts out of a wall beside Jill starting the bout which is one you COULD win but not recommended since it would cost a LOT of ammo and health, the Grave Digger here is quick and it's bite does an IMMENSE amount of damage so quickly activate two switches to lower the ladder and leave the room before the monster manages to kill Jill and end the game.


Grave Digger's First Appearance.

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