Necromorph grabber

The Grabber is a type of Necromorph that appears in the game Dead Space: Extraction and the animated film Dead Space: Aftermath. Formed from a single human corpse, the Grabber ambushes victims by playing dead and then attacking prey when they get too close.

Physiology Edit

The Grabber is formed from a single human corpse. Most of the internal organs and muscle tissue has been reformed to add mass to the creature's neck which has extended far above the height of the body before infection. The lower jaw has also split into a pair of mandibles for grasping at prey while the creature's spinal cord has also been reconfigured into a prehensile tentacle ending with a bladed tip. The alteration of the spine has rendered the Grabber immobile.

Behaviour Edit

The Grabber will remain motionless until a potential victim draws near. While it is playing possum, the creature may appear uninjured and uninfected, only revealing its true nature when a victim has gotten close to it. The creature will then extend its neck and grasp the victim with its mandibles to hold them steady, then kill the victim by decapitating them with its spinal blade. Severing the spine and neck will kill the creature.

In Dead Space: Aftermath, a Grabber appeared to attack its victims by spitting acid from its mouth. It does not display this ability in Dead Space: Extraction.

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