Grabbers are blood-sucking, cephalopodic monsters originating from the 2012 film of the same name. Originating from the Irish Sea, these tentacled horrors emerge from the depths to terrorize an isolated island off the Irish coast.

Biology Edit

The Grabbers thrive in water but are also capable of surviving on land for a short time. In their infant stage of growth, they are small enough to fit in a human hand, but adult Grabbers can reach approximately the size of a van. These creatures are extremely aggressive and prey on the blood of other creatures, including humans. In their infant to adolescent stage, Grabbers will suck the blood from their victims' veins, but adults are large enough to swallow a human whole.

During the film, it is discovered that the Grabbers are vulnerable to alcohol. Alcohol is extremely toxic to them and will kill them, as is discovered when a Grabber dies after feeding on a drunk villager.

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