Gorilla Grodd is a sinister, super-intelligent primate and a villain from the DC Comics universe. Initially an arch-enemy of the Flash, Grodd has regularly allied himself with other villains and has been a member of many of the DC universe's major supervillain alliances.


Grodd heralds from Gorilla City, a hi-tech metropolis hidden away in the wilds of Africa that is populated by a race of gorillas that possess intellect greater than that of humans. While the rest of his civilisation was content to live peacefully and not become involved with humans, Grodd desired power and dominance over not only his own kind but humanity as well.

Developing powerful weapons and devices as well as utilizing mind-altering powers, Grodd attempted to overthrow Gorilla City but was thwarted by King Solomar. Escaping to the outside world, he attempted to use his scientific prowess and warrior cunning to enslave all of humanity. His scheme was foiled by the Flash, but Grodd would escape incarceration and continue his plans for world conquest.

Over the years, Grodd has both hatched his own plots to take over the world or worked alongside other villains working towards similar goals. He has fought against not only the Flash but the various other members of the Justice League.


Grodd possesses a remarkable intellect superior to most humans. Convinced of his superiority over humans and even his fellow apes, he has an unshakeable need to assert dominance over others. His megalomania is matched only by his tenacity; he refuses to give up no matter how many times he is defeated.

Powers and abilities

  • Superior Strength - Being a gorilla, Grodd was already immensely strong to begin with. His strength was enhanced further after being exposed to a meteorite emitting an unknown form of radiation.
  • Superior Intellect - Grodd's intelligence is greater than that of humans and he uses his genius mind to develop new weapons and technologies to further his plans.
  • Telepathy - Grodd also possesses psychic powers unique among his people. He is capable of manipulating lesser minds like puppets, assaulting the brains of his enemies or subtly drawing out repressed emotions in others.