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Clay Golem

A more modern Golem that's made of clay


A drawing of a traditional stone Golem

A Golem is a legendary creature in Jewish folklore.They are an animated rockly beings, magically created entirely from inanimate matter (usually out of stone and clay.)" Golems are passive creatures, but because of stereotyping, many non-Jewish appearances portray the Golem as violent.


An average golem is a large, tall monster; it is humongous and heavy, and its forehead is marked with holy words. It follows whatever its creator tells it to do. Golems in the jewish tradition have no souls; they are like robots. It is on very rare occasion that they can speak. They receive orders either verbally or through magical slips of paper put under their tongues or in some myths in compartments in their heads. In some fiction stories (such as Discworld), Golems gain their freedom by slowly buying themselves. More modern interpretations of golems are shown to be more based on creation, with the life put into a golem the unwilling psirit of an aspect of nature. As such, these modern golems can go wild when the spirit breaks free, causing them to go on a rampage if not controlled or destroyed. While stone and clay golems are the most common, other kinds of golems are still prsesnt, mainly Flesh Golems. In some legends, golems are helpful, but if the magic words are not erased, they will eventually grow bigger and more violent.

In one such story, a young wizard finds a Golem and brings it to life by putting an ancient spell in his ear, but when he can't think of anything else for it to do, it becomes violent, until two children start asking it to answer their questions, such as whether the chicken or the egg came first, where babies come from, etc. overwhelmed by their energy, the Golem takes the paper out, and some say the statue is still there.

Popular Culture

  • In Bakugan Julie has a subterra (earth-type) bakugan named Gorem which appears to be based off of a golem.
  • In Nowhere Boys, Alice creates a golem named Saskia that pretends to help the boys and Ellen find Andy. Saskia tries to take the talisman from them, but redeems herself before being destroyed.

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