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Gods Myth by GENZOMAN


or Gods/Goddesses are supreme beings who control the forces of nature, magic, and the endeavors of humans. Good and evil gods exist throughout world mythologies, supporting and protecting humans, who in return worship them in temples, either through prayer or some form of human or animal sacrifice. Angels are known to serve gods.

Notable GodsEdit

  • Jehovah - The chief deity of Judeo-Christianity and Islam.
  • Zeus - The chief deity of Greco-Roman mythology.
  • Odin - The chief deity of Norse mythology.
  • Loki - The half-giant Norse god of trickery.
  • Thor - The Norse god of thunder.
  • Poseidon - The Greco-Roman god of the sea and earthquakes.
  • Hades - The Greco-Roman god of the Underworld and wealth.
  • Shiva - A chief deity of Hinduism.
  • Ra - The chief deity of Egyptian mythology.


Gods and goddesses are perfect superhuman beings with extraordinary magical powers and abilities. They are immortals who are not subject to human law, legal or moral. This makes them free of any accountability unless a god of authority (Zeus, Odin, Shiva, ect) wishes or is requested to administer judgement or punishment upon a guilty god or goddess, either by other gods or by mortals who have been wronged by a god.

Despite their supremacy, gods are still subject to the same weaknesses, failures, passions, and emotions as their human underlings. Love, anger, pride, jealousy and cruelty are the most prominent human qualities displayed by gods.

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