Goblin Concept B&W

Goblins are a common type of creature in Dungeon Keeper 2. Appearing early on in the game, they are willing and eager to serve the Keeper's ambitions, although they do not have any particular specialty within the Dungeon. Their primary role will be combat, although a lone goblin isn't going to prove to be very threatening. In a group, however, goblins can be a formidable fighting force during the early segments of the campaign.

Abilities Edit

  • Melee - Goblins possess no spells and no particular skills other than close-range combat. They carry straight swords into battle.

Likes Edit

  • Training - Goblins will make little time for anything else in the Dungeon. If there's no battle to be fought, they will usually confine themselves to the Training Room.
  • Gambling - In their downtime, goblins like to pour their hard-earned pay into the Casino.

Dislikes Edit

  • Dwarves - Goblins and dwarves have always hated each other and will usually single the other out in combat.
  • Research - Goblins aren't especially bright, so don't expect to find one reading up on dark magic in the Library. They aren't all that dexterous, either, so they won't be of any use in the Workshop.

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