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War goblin

A brutish goblin

Stupid and Cowardly or Cunning and adacios by nature, goblins thrive only in large numbers. They live, fight, and hunt in big, organized groups. Goblins Do not fight fairly and will resort dirty tricks and ambushes anything that will bring an end to their enemy. Some particulary dangerous bands of goblins ride giant wolves or spiders in battle.


Maximum Height: 3 to 3 1/2 feet tall

Maximum Weight: 40 to 45 pounds

Goblins are usually depicted as small creatures, sometimes no taller than a few feet in height. Sometimes, even smaller still. They have large hands with long fingers, and also have Elf-like ears. According to legend, the males and females show little difference in appearance, making them almost sexually indistinguishable.

Flat faced  wide mouth with small, sharp fangs and broad nose .The skin colour depends on tribe most shades of yellow, orange, and deep red.


Because their eyes cannot process bright light, goblins make their homes in underground cavern or dungeon of ruined towns. you'll know when you are near a golbin lair by the awful stench. They eat and sleep in one large communal space, among the scattered rotting carcasses from previous meals. 


Goblin Society maintains a strict structure. Goblin Warriors fall into bands of about forty, ruled by a single leader. Squadron Leaders all report to a chief, who in turn report to the Goblin King. Kings rise to power based on strength and Intelligence, not heredity. in some cases, members of related but more intelligent species (Hobgoblins and Bugbears) will rule a goblin tribe or work closely with a goblin king.

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