The Maryland Goatman is a cryptid located in the Prince Georges County, Maryland. It was first sighted in 1973, and since then various other sightings have been made. The creature itself has been described as a "half-human, half-goat" being, with a goat's head, human-esque arms and torso, and human legs with hooves. Due to the various sightings made throughout the years, differences of height and weight have been made, with height ranging from 6-8 feet tall, and weight 250-300 pounds. There was also a note made after a sighting in the 1990's, where a man described the sound of the creature as "High-pitched squeals", and the fact that the creature carried an axe.


The first account occurred around the fall of 1973. Two teenagers were in the woods, when suddenly, on the top of the hood of their car, there was the Goatman. They described it as "a vicious looking goat with the arms of a man". The creature began to swing its axe around wildly, and then suddenly, it turned and ran into the woods.

A second, more disturbing case came in 1984, when a woman in the North of the county described a creature of "goat-like properties" wandering around her yard. She then went on stating her dog began to bark wildly, and in the middle of the night it woke her up. Too frightened after the sight of the creature, she stayed in the house all night until the next morning when she walked outside to see her dog's head cut off, most likely with an axe.