Gnophkeh 2 image
Gnophkehs are creatures which appear in the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired Cthulhu Mythos.


Humanoid creatures, Gnophkehs have long, matted hair, a nose described as proboscidean, and large, prominent ears. They are known to be a cannibalistic species, and may also be six-limbed.


One of the original races to inhabit the continent of Hyperborea, now modern-day Greenland, the Gnophkeh worshiped the Great Old One Rhan-Tegoth. However, once Rhan-Tegoth slipped into a state of dormancy, the Tsathoggua-worshiping Voormis attacked and drove them from their homeland. For a short while the Gnophkeh settled in Lomar, until they were once again invaded and driven north, this time by humans from the land of Zobna. 

Finally reaching the arctic circle, the Gnophkeh encountered the Great Old One Ithaqua, to whom they promptly bent the knee and accepted as their new god. Growing in power under Ithaqua's patronage, they were soon strong enough to consider enacting their revenge upon the Voormis; their subsequent campaign of harassment was one of the major factors in the extinction of the Voormis race.

Eventually the Gnophkeh, along with the few remaining Voormis and all the men of Zobna, were wiped out when Ithaqua and Aphoom-Zhah enacted a plan to bring about an ice age to consume the whole world. This scheme was ultimately unsuccessful, but for these unfortunate races, the damage had already been done.