Gnolls are a race of humanoid creatures that appear in the roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons. Closely resembling hyenas, gnolls live as violent scavengers and marauders, preferring to either live in small enclaves away from large population centres or survive as nomads. Due to their savage, tribal nature, gnolls tend to lean toward chaotic-evil alignment, though this is not inherent in all members of the species.

Description Edit

A gnoll resembles a humanoid hyena; a gnoll's average height is around 7 ft with a hunched posture, it has a canine muzzle and ears as well as digitigrade legs. Gnoll skin is a dull, greenish-grey hue but is hidden beneath a layer of speckled, greyish-brown fur. The eyes may appear dark or pale and seem to glow in the dark.

Gnoll attire usually consists of tattered rags and haphazard pieces of armour scavenged from slain enemies. They also tend to wear jewellery made from the teeth and bones of the creatures they hunt.

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