Globsters are irregular mutants produced by the T-Abyss virus in Resident Evil: Revelations. At some point after the infamous Terragrigia Panic, the surviving members of Il Veltro aboard the Queen Dido became infected with the T-Abyss and were transformed into these horrendous beasts. There is nothing left resembling a human being, the creature is little else than a large blob of diseased meat with a gaping maw on its underside. It has no limbs, no eyes, not even a skeletal structure.

The Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance encountered globsters on a beach near the former sight of Terragrigia in 2005. On land, the creatures proved to be of little threat as they could only move slowly by undulating their bodies. It is unknown how, or if, they could see or hear, yet they proved capable of tracking potential prey despite lacking any sensory organs. Handguns proved to be sufficient in dispatching these monsters, though their thick, amorphous flesh could still absorb a number of rounds before being killed.

Globsters are considerably more dangerous in the water. When Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine attempted to enter the sunken Queen Dido, they encountered several globsters in close proximity to the wreck. Globsters can move faster in water than on land and their mouths are large enough to swallow a human being whole. Shock grenades were the only weapons that could be used against them underwater.