Glacius is an alien character from the Killer Instinct fighting game series. An explorer from a frigid world, he became involved in the Killer Instinct tournament after his ship crash-landed on Earth.

History Edit

Killer Instinct Edit

Glacius was an interstellar explorer and sought out new forms of life to observe. While studying the life-forms of Earth, his ship drew too close to the planet and was caught in its gravitational field, resulting in his crash-landing. Glacius survived the crash and went in search of new parts he would need to repair his ship. Unfortunately, his people's previous observations of Earth yielded tales of humanity's violent tendencies, legends that Glacius did not take to heart. While seeking assistance, Glacius was captured by agents of the UltraTech Corporation. They subjected him to a number of insidious experiments and forced him to fight in the Killer Instinct tournament. Glacius survived the ordeal and managed to escape, stealing UltraTech technology which he used to repair his ship and leave the planet.

Killer Instinct 2 Edit

The Glacius that appears in Killer Instinct 2 is actually an ancestor of the Glacius from the first game. 2000 years ago, this Glacius arrived on Earth in search of a scout party that disappeared in proximity to the planet. This being's kin were never to be found and he was attacked and captured by the followers of the demonic warlord Gargos. However, Glacius managed to flee after warriors from the future arrived to do battle against Gargos, returning to his ship and going home to warn his people of humanity's barbarism.

Killer Instinct (2013) Edit

During his previous visit to Earth (KI1), Glacius' ship was ransacked by Earthling thieves. Though he was able to repair his ship and leave, he was honour-bound to return to Earth in order to take back the lost technology and undo whatever damage it might have caused.

Abilities/Moveset Edit

Glacius is cryokinetic, wielding power over ice. He appears to be made of living ice and is capable of liquid-shifting and generating energy blasts.

  • Liquidize - Glacius melts into a puddle to evade attacks.
  • Puddle Punch - Glacius liquefies and then reforms to perform an uppercut on his opponent.
  • Ice Lance - Glacius' arms turn into long sharp blades for piercing foes.
  • Cold Shoulder - Glacius rams his foe with a charging attack.
  • Shockwave - Glacius strikes the ground and generates an energy wave.

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