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The Gill-man is a fictional monster that stared in the 1950's Creature from the Black Lagoon film series. He

The Gill-man

lived in "the black lagoon", which is located in the Amazon Rainforest. When a team of researchers sails into his lagoon, he kills a few team members. He is then captured and locked in a cage aboard the Rita, the scientists boat. The Gill-man escapes in the night and blocks up the crew's only exit with logs. The Rita is trapped on the Black Lagoon. While trying to remove the logs, the Gill-man abducts the head scientists beautiful assistant. When he flees to his cavern lair, his body is riddled with bullets. He retreats to the lagoon, where his supposedly dead body sinks into the depths. He is revealed to have survived, and he is taken to Ocean Harbor Oceanarium in Florida. He takes an instant liking to a beautiful ichthyology student there. He then escapes and flees to the ocean. However, unable to stop thinking about the ichthyology student. He returns to land and begins stalking her, eventually abducting her from a seaside restaurant. He escaped with his captive into the sea. He is then captured later in the Everglades. During the capture his is badly burnt in a fire. When bandaging him, doctors discover the Gill-man is losing his gills and developing a type of lung breathing system. Since the Gill-man had more human-like skin, he was given clothes. They then attempt to get the Gill-man to live among humans. The plan is ruined when the deranged lead doctor commits murder and blames the Gill-man. Having witnessed the murder, the Gill-man kills the lead doctor and goes on a rampage. The last time the Gill-man was seen, he was walking slowly down the beach toward the safety of the sea.


Little is known about where the Gill-man came from. One source says he is the last surviving member of a cannibalistic alien race. However, the most accepted is that he is the sole survivor of a amphibious race of humanoid that thrived in the Devonian period.

Appearance and TraitsEdit

The Gill-man is portrayed as a tall and scaly amphibian humanoid with webbed hands. In the novelization of Creature from the Black Lagoon, he is a hermaphrodite and as large as the Rita itself. He is most often colored dark green. He is also very physically strong, and an expert swimmer. He seems to be strong in water, as if it rejuvenates him. He also might have a weakness in fire, causing him the shed his gills. Finally, he seems to have a liking for young, beautiful women (then again, most monsters do).


  • Revenge of the Creature features the first big-screen premiere of Clint Eastwood.
  • Revenge of the Creature was featured as episode one of season eight of Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  • An episode of The Munsters featured a visiting "Uncle Gilbert".
  • "The Missing Link" from Monsters versus Aliens is based on the Gill-man

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