Giblin and Veale were characters from Clive Barker's 1990 fantasy-horror movie Nightbreed.


Stocky, vaguely porcine-looking denizens of Midian, Giblin and Veale both have extremely deformed faces although only Giblin sports a strange elephantine "trunk" (if it can be called that), a pair of tusks and massively distorted forearms. Both dress in the manner of stereotypical American farm-types.


In the mysterious and secretive world of Lists, the List of Those Transformed By Meteorites is perhaps one of the most difficult to access by the general populace, although the List of Those On No List may in fact have the fewest entries, and the List of Answered Prayers may be even harder to lay hands on. Giblin and Veale (which are not the names they were born with, preferring to keep their true names to themselves in an effort to protect their children) are placed on the former list. Over the course of a single night in the autumn of 1969, seemingly just another normal evening on their pig farm, the pair suffered a gruesome alteration at the genetic level, leading them to abandon their home and find a place amongst the Tribes of the Moon in Midian.

What became of their pigs is unknown, although many of the other breed have noted that Giblin has made his way to the surface on occasion, to scan the night sky for any sign of flying swine.

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