Giant whip spider

Giant Whip Spiders are mutated arachnid creatures encountered in Resident Evil Revelations 2. Encountered all over Sushestvovanie Island, these creatures are not actually native to the island and were transported there as test subjects in Alex Wesker's viral research. They are derived from "amblypygid", an order of arachnida found in the tropics.

Biology Edit

Upon infection with the T-Phobos virus, whip spiders undergo a clear increase in size. However, they only come to be about the size of a small dog, hardly the monstrous proportions of other arachnid B.O.W.'s created by the T-virus. Whip spiders have no venom glands before or after infection and were deemed to be useless as B.O.W.'s, though the virus has caused them to become more aggressive and will attack with their fangs and feelers when threatened.

According to Evgeny Rebic, an elderly resident of Sushestvovanie, the giant whip spiders are also edible. So long as they are cooked thoroughly, they can be eaten without risk of T-Phobos infection.

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