The Giant Claw.

The Giant Claw was a creature who appeared in the 1957 B-movie The Giant Claw.


Appearing as an enormous, mutated avian similar to a turkey, the Giant Claw was described as being "as big as a battleship." This beast was said to hail from an antimatter galaxy, and was capable of employing an antimatter shield to defend itself from attack.


The Giant Claw
After the loss of a fighter pilot who had been scrambled to investigate a mysterious radar contact over the Arctic Circle, a rash of similar aircraft disappearances over the continental United States unveils the presence of an enormous, aggressive alien creature.

Once the creature has been discovered, the United States Armed Forces attempt to destroy it, but the Giant Claw's antimatter shielding proves immune to everything they can throw at it.

Eventually, scientists and the military devise a weapon to counter the monster's shielding which they mount on a B-25 bomber. This weapon is deployed when the Giant Claw mounts an assault on the Empire State and United Nations buildings, and once the creature is rendered defenceless, missiles finish the job.


The very last the world sees of this extraterrestrial terror is a single monstrous claw sinking slowly beneath the Atlantic waves.

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