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Just finished Its dinner

WARNING: If you feel as if something is hunting you, don't look back. These creatures will attack anything with a soul. If they feel as if your leading them to more prey, be cautious. They will follow you to the place where your headed and pack together to get prey from the area. (even though they prefer to hunt alone)

Nature Edit

A ghoul is a demon-like creature who eats children or corpses. Although it is thought that ghouls are only female this not true. A ghoul has many powers like regeneration, shape-shifting and paralyzing touch. A light can harm a ghoul, they tend to avoid it. To kill it you must use fire, acid, lightning, or decapitation. It is also claimed by bite that a human or person can be turned into a ghoul themselves, including other species of monster or creature. A ghoul is an intelligent type of undead that can trick the victim by its clever schemes.

Folklore and mythologyEdit

In folklore and mythology, ghouls are known to live in uninhabited places like cemeteries and other burial grounds, they have the power to shapeshift into whatever they eat dead or alive.They come from Arabian folklore and mythology and have different names for male and female the name for a female ghouls are ghouleh and male's Ghul.

Popular Culture Edit

Television Edit

  • A graveyard ghoul was featured in The Gathering Gloom, an episode of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated.

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