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Ghosts are the disembodied souls of either humans or other creatures that have left their bodies either by death or astral projection. Ghosts haunt the areas they died in. If they leave their haunts, they die (permanently). Dying at the hands of a ghost is an unnatural death; so if you are killed by a ghost, you become one of them. Ghosts love to sneak out from behind unsuspecting people and scare them. How a ghost catches it's prey, is that it lurks in the shadows, lying in wait, when ready, it sneaks up behind them and then...BOO!!! It scares the living daylights out of them! That's it's Jumpscare attack, It's common attack is the Haunt where it follows it's target from behind with its arms stretched out in front like a zombie, and if that target dies or gets too scared and runs away, it'll haunt another one. If there are no targets left, the ghost will linger and look for new ones! But there's only one friendly ghost: Casper!

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Possession: Ghosts can take control of other people's bodies and minds.
  • Superhuman Speed: Ghosts can move very fast.
  • Flight: Ghosts can fly or levitate.
  • Intangibility: Ghosts can pass through a wall without being affected.
  • Telekinesis: Ghosts can interact with stuff around them using their mind.
  • Invisibility: Ghosts cannot be seen unless they want to be.
  • Phantoluminescence: Ghosts can glow in the dark.
  • Spooky Sounds: Ghosts can make sounds too, such as Moan, Wail, Whisper, Howl, Scream, Cry. The sound A Ghost usually makes is "Whhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!".


  • Holy relics: A holy relic such as a crucifix, will halt, destroy or cause a ghost to flee.
  • Iron: When a Ghost is surrounded by iron it cannot cross through, and when they are hit by it and it can burn or hurt them.
  • Salt: By surrounding your house's open areas like windows, doors etc. Ghosts cannot go in a house also by surrounding one's self with salt, Ghosts cannot touch them.

You might think that ghosts are not killable, but surprisingly, they are killable! Some can be convinced to cross over into the afterlife, leaving the physical world. Ghost are always linked to something much like items or mostly their corpse. So the best way to take down a Ghost completely is to burn that certain item that links them to Earth, destroying them, mostly you have to burn their corpse to destroy them, if cremated,they are linked to something else,sometimes a house or something they have cursed on like cars etc, if your hunting them down what you have to do is know what your up against,through that it'll be easier to kill the ghost. Remember, ghosts are not immortal. Usually when someone becomes a ghost their power or potential is more active because they are in spirit form,but all ghost takes time before the can use their power, commonly an angry spirit is driven by rage thus it's they learn their powers faster.

Sub-Species: Edit

  • Violent Spirits
  • Death Omen
  • Death Echo
  • Poltergeist
  • Demon
  • Vengeful Spirits
  • Buruburu
  • Specter
  • Woman in White
  • Revenant

Attributes: Edit

Places Ghosts can live: Your house, churchyard, forest, dark areas, alcatraz, caves, school, your bedroom, in your closet, under your bed, front and back yard, and underwater. So be careful, because a ghost could be lurking anywhere!


A mischievous subspecies of Ghost that can reproduce is called a poltergiest.

If someone dies an unnatural death, with some important task left undone, or if they were very attached to a place or object, they may become ghosts.

Some ghosts are not ghosts at all and can be demonic.

Ghosts can phase through matter, levitate, glow in the dark, fly and go invisible. Some say they have magical talents like telekinesis and telepathy. They leave a slimy residue called ectoplasm.

Its hard to see a ghost, but sometimes you can hear them and thats called EVP (electronic voice phenomena).

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